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March 09, 2018

Savage dog attack

- Jo McCaughan, Maffra, Gippsland

On Saturday, March 3, about 9pm, my husband, sister, brother-in-law and I were walking to the Courtyard Motel in Wyndham St after an enjoyable meal at the RSL.

We had the misfortune to encounter an individual, accompanied by a savage dog, approaching us on the footpath.

As is customary, we moved to the left of the path to allow them to pass. The dog ‘‘handler’’ then loosened his grip on the dog’s leash and the dog immediately flew at my sister’s head.

She instinctively threw up her arm as protection and the dog connected with her shoulder bag, breaking the strap, but saving her from being bitten.

Said ‘‘handler’’ gave us a verbal spray for not moving onto the grass verge for him to pass. When we said that we were calling the police, he replied he would show them his badge (?).

As we intended travelling the next morning, we realised we would only be wasting police time by contacting them as, by this time, the individual had gone and we did not know who he was.

This is a warning to others, particularly the elderly (as we are) to be aware.

He is scruffy, with unkempt hair. The dog is dark, long-haired and mostly German shepherd.

This encounter was distressing.

Not ‘elderly’, but wise

- Maggie Turner-Miguel, Shepparton

I did not plan to offer commentary on the ‘‘elderly’’ topic, but changed my mind after reading John Taylor’s submission.

He is quite right to question the use of the word ‘‘elderly’’ the News used in reference to a 66-year-old man. Being ‘‘elderly’’ has been redefined.

We are encouraged to work longer and to lead a healthy lifestyle so that as seniors we do not become a burden on society.

I challenge the youthful journalist to do some research and see how many ‘‘non-elderly’’ folk are struggling with energy.

I regularly come into contact with a range of people of all ages, and so many are ‘‘tired’’, ‘‘stressed’’, ‘‘overworked’’, and they have not even reached their 50s; the plus 70s have loads more energy.

Many senior people are actively engaged in life, and although older in years, they are definitely not ‘‘elderly’’.

To quote Mr Taylor, the ‘‘immature’’ could possibly learn a thing or two from the wisdom of their years.

Absent icon

- Graeme Quinlan,  Mooroopna

I just felt I had to write this letter, as once again in the News dated March 7 another photo of the non-existent iconic post office of Shepparton was produced.

If I see another photo of this building published, I will scream.

Question: Why continue to print these pictures when the past 30 or so years of population have no idea it even existed.

It is just ridiculous to keep putting it up as an historical site in Shepparton.

If there is a need to keep promoting it, then please give some serious consideration to rebuilding it so people have something to really appreciate as their heritage.

There is not too much to show for our past in this city.

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