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September 13, 2017

Society under attack

- Louis Cook, Numurkah

So we are going to have a vote on marriage equality.

What the hell is marriage equality?

Come on, we are being asked to give our blessing to a homosexual lifestyle.

When I was a child, homosexuality was regarded as deviant sexual activity and my parents disapproved because it was unnatural.

It definitely is unnatural because a man and woman together have creative potential which is absent from the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle.

This is also a sad state of affairs because in the first instance they cannot know the joys of natural parenthood, and later the joys of their own grandchildren.

This is what gives meaning to life.

In truth, Australians should not be voting on this issue because it is a moral issue and what people do behind closed doors is their business.

Meanwhile, we have people sleeping on streets and soup kitchens ... in resource-rich Australia.

I am sure the ABS massage their statistics to hide the real situation in the workplace while the bank ‘fat-cats’ and other bureaucrats live very well.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is given new life.

Let’s go back to the marriage equality plebiscite ... the push for homosexual recognition goes back many years and my first exposure was reading a book picked up at a meeting, The Homosexual Revolution; a challenging expose of the social and political directions of a minority group, printed in 1962.

Later came a news sheet distributed in schools ‘Gay, Young, and Proud’.

Many parents were upset that this publication was being passed to their children and presented as ‘an alternative lifestyle’. The ending is so different after passing years, indeed the opposite to the name of the publication.

I have actually seen it in action and it really is sad.

They have no children and must rely on the charity of strangers. The school children were invited to make up their own mind on the publication — it was a disgrace.

Then followed ‘Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep’, taught to children at kinder ... it may sound innocuous enough with children and naive parents but it was the thin edge of the wedge of acceptance.

Now the rainbow is their logo. Do you see it now?

This is part of a campaign planned over many years and designed to break down the traditional family of man and woman with children.

Our society is under attack and this is directed through the traditional family to undermine the state.

Core values are questioned and then undermined and discarded to be replaced with alien philosophies or beliefs divorced from reality — this is how the communist state is built.

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