Letter to the editor

June 19, 2017

Rolf Weber is disappointed in the poor pedestrian access between the Shepparton Marketplace and Bunnings car parks.

Access dilemma

- Rolf Weber, Shepparton

We entered the new Bunnings Warehouse development in Shepparton with great expectations and parked in the eastern bays of the new car park.

After completing our purchase and returning the goods to the car, we needed to obtain a few items from stores located in the adjacent Marketplace, just a dropkick away.

With two grandchildren less than five we intended to walk there with our tandem pusher.

To our consternation we found that a fence in the garden bed, separating the two developments, barred our intended path.

Undeterred we decided that we would walk the extra 600m and exit the Bunnings car park and enter the Marketplace car park at Benalla Rd.

Here our disappointment increased markedly as there was no pedestrian access.

We were confronted with having to push the pusher up the narrow slip lane entering the Bunnings car park to access the footpath on Benalla Rd.

The verge or nature strip at this location is not trafficable by foot let alone a pusher.

Be also aware that when you exit the new Bunnings in your car that you can only do so by turning left into Benalla Rd and heading back towards the CBD.

So if we had decided to drive to the Marketplace we would again be inconvenienced, with no roundabout to help you change direction and confronted by ‘‘no U-turn’’ signs at each intersection.

I wonder what our city and traffic planners and commercial property developers were thinking?

Perhaps they believe that the route via Benalla Rd to Archer St to Poplar Ave to Doyles Rd to Benalla Rd to Marketplace is an acceptable alternative to 10m of bitumen and 30m of concrete footpath to connect the two commercial properties for vehicle and pedestrian traffic?

This development fails to add to the concept of a community of greater Shepparton.

Our family was not the only one to attempt to connect to Marketplace and we urge the developers to act quickly to remove this dangerous situation.

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